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date: 15.07.2018

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A Warm Welcome to Your Erzgebirge Holiday Region

Active Region Full of Relaxation and Fun

Tourismus Erzgebirge
Any time of the year – the Erzgebirge is full of surprises, and lures countless tourists to the region with its diversity. You can set out on a journey of discovery – and get to know the Erzgebirge from a completely different side.

We wish you much enjoyment in your discovery of the secrets, special features, unique characteristics and extraordinary offerings in the Erzgebirge holiday region.

Come and just let yourself be surprised! 

Erzgebirge Holiday Region

Holiday full of Relaxation and Fun

Tourismus Erzgebirge Ferienregion
The Erzgebirge is an ideal holiday destination for everybody. You can see for yourself all the things that the Erzgebirge has to offer and pick what is right for you– preferably through a visit. 
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Erzgebirge Holiday Themes

Make Your Holiday an Experience!

Erzgebirge Tourismus Themen
The Erzgebirge region has many facets and combines the modern and the traditional, fitness and wellness in a natural way along with enjoyment. This is true whatever you choose to experience. 
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Lodging in the Erzgebirge

Make Your Holiday Special

Erzgebirge Tourismus Unterkünfte
A genuine Erzgebirge country inn, a comfortable holiday flat or a suite in a five-star hotel with an international flair – in the Erzgebirge, you have countless lodging options from which to choose. 
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Events in the Erzgebirge

So much to offer

Erzgebirge Tourismus Veranstaltungen
The Erzgebirge are ready to welcome you throughout the year with big, small, exciting, tranquil or astounding events. There is something that will appeal to everyone. Come see for yourself! 
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Erzgebirge Tourism Association

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