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Tradition & History in the Erzgebirge

Shiny, noble, handmade and Christmassy

The Erzgebirge region is inseparably intertwined with its history and its old traditions, whether it be the times of the Great Silver Rush, the magnificent days of the ancient nobility, or the large variety of local handicrafts and the ever-so-typical regional Christmas customs.

The Erzgebirge has many stories to tell and invite you to a journey of discovery. 

Along the Silver Road – Mining & Mountain Villages

A Mine Railway in the Ore Mountains
On Saxony’s first holiday road, the Silberstraße, sites filled with old mining history are arranged like a pearl necklace. Historical city centres in the mountain villages bear witness to the Great Silver Rush. Mines open to tourists invite one into the underground depths below the Erzgebirge and vividly tell the history of successive mining eras from the Middle Ages until present day. Whether you arrive on the small mine tramway or descend to the mine on foot – the rocky world underground is fascinating and full of exciting history.
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The Remains of the Nobility – Castles and Fortresses

Castles & Fortresses in the Ore Mountains Holiday Region
Castles and fortresses throughout the entire Erzgebirge bear witness to the time when the noble class was still in charge. Today, former estates of the nobility are the starting point for curious guests and holds many secrets behind their high walls. Whether located upon a rocky promontory like Schloss Schwarzenberg and Burg Wolkenstein or nestled picturesquely in the valley like Schloss Schlettau – each of these historic ruins has its own special character and its own story. This extends from the classical Fortress Museum with a Knights’ Room to the Adventure Fairy Tale Fortress where children are mostly in charge.
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Tradition & Living Handicraft

Lace-making in the Ore Mountains Holiday Region
Tradition and handicraft are closely intertwined in the Erzgebirge. Carving, lace-making, Reifendrehen, a kind of woodturning popular in the Erzgebirge, and Posamentieren, decoration of garments with braids and tassels, are traditional handicrafts which we still practice. But handicraft today is much, much more. Basket-weaving, printing, the production of felt shoes and scented candles, modern wood carving, embroidery and liqueur production are a few examples of the hand-working skills found in the Erzgebirge. You can look over the shoulder of experienced master craftsmen just about anywhere in the Erzgebirge and see how unique artistic works are created. Our tip: "Traditional Handicraft Day" on the third Sunday in October throughout the Erzgebirge.
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The Land of Christmas– Christmas in the Erzgebirge

Traditional Christmas Markets in the Ore Mountains
In the weeks before Christmas, the traditions that have made the Erzgebirge what they are today come alive. This is when the German Christmas Pyramids throughout the Erzgebirge are rotating on the romantic Christmas markets. Villages and mountain towns are transformed into glistening Christmas mountains which can be seen from far away and the “mountain folk” put on their costumes and march in mountain parades. Nowhere is Christmas as beautiful as it is here.
Experience Christmas in the Erzgebirge


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