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Event Highpoints in the Erzgebirge Holiday Region

Sporty, christmassy, traditional and completely up to date – the Erzgebirge has a lot to offer!

And what variety! Saxony and especially the Erzgebirge await you the entire year with large, small, exciting, tranquil or astounding event highpoints which are suitable for any occasion.

From winter sports opportunities to cultural highpoints , we have compiled some special recommendations for you here.

What’s New in the Erzgebirge Holiday Region

Current must-see events…

The Erzgebirge feature special event highlights on an almost weekly basis – for the big and the small, the young and the old. Here, you can learn about the current events that await you in the Erzgebirge.
Current highlights in the Erzgebirge holiday region

Cultural events in the Erzgebirge Holiday Region

Lived traditions...

If you want to get to know the traditional side of the Erzgebirge, you should definitely make time to observe women making lace or men carving wood. Folk festivals in the summertime offer fast-paced music and an old-fashioned good time. These are dates you shouldn’t miss.
Cultural highlights in the Erzgebirge holiday region

Athletic Events in the Erzgebirge Holiday Region

To be there is everything...

...this could be the motto of many an athletic event in the Erzgebirge holiday region, because it doesn’t matter whether it’s a professional skiing competition or a casual sports event – fun and adventure are most important thing.
Sports highlights in the Erzgebirge holiday region

Christmas in the Erzgebirge Holiday Region

Every year once again...

...Christmas is coming. And the Erzgebirge will be transformed into a romantic winter landscape with innumerable lights and intoxicating fragrances. You, too, can enjoy this magic by visiting the Erzgebirge Christmas region.
Christmas highlights in the Erzgebirge holiday region


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