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Sports Highlights in the Erzgebirge Holiday Region

Cold Winter Enthusiasts, Wonderful Sightseeing Tours and Roaring Motors...

Winter Sports Holiday Region Ore Mountains
Sports and fun in the snow – whoever is looking for both should dress warmly. The calendar is jam-packed with competitions between “real” athletes and cool events for the Average Joe. It doesn’t matter whether it’s attending the international cross-country skiing championships, junior Alpine ski competitions or the not-so-serious “World Cup in the Arschleder Wettruscheln", Leather Backside Protector Competition – a winter in the Erzgebirge is anything but boring. 
Hiking in the Ore Mountains
 A thick rucksack of hiking ideas is packed into the “Genuine Erzgebirge Hiking Weeks” which take place twice per year. Each year from the third Saturday to the fourth Sunday in May and in September, expert hiking guides tell interesting and highly informative stories to both small and big hikers. They involve glittering stones, crosses on mountain peaks, plants and herbs and are true adventure tours consisting of five- to approx. 20-km-long hiking excursions. So lace up your hiking boots today!
In October, motors will be roaring in the motorcycle city of Zschopau. Both regionally - as well as also internationally - known representatives of the Enduro sport will be at the starting line. The approx. 85-km-long course around the motor city of Zschopau is packed every year by thousands of spectators and awaits you with a unique ambiance which is known far beyond the region’s borders. 


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