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Regionalmanagement Erzgebirge
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date: 15.07.2018

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Living and Working in the Erzgebirge

Living where others take their holiday

Leben und Arbeiten im Erzgebirge
We all know that work isn’t everything in life. The big picture has to make sense! So an attractive business location must also provide an environment that affords good conditions of life. The small and mid-sized cities and communities in the Erzgebirge, with their historical city centres and objects of interest make history come to life. This region offers you a chance to live well. If you are seeking a spacious dwelling in a restored house from the founding period, you can find one. In the same way, you can find a single-family house in a country setting.

As a home to clever minds, the region has always valued a comprehensive range of educational opportunities. From grammar school to university, the educational route leads directly over the Erzgebirge. In their leisure time, the people of the Erzgebirge don’t just sit around at home. The cultural scene in the Erzgebirge is just waiting to be discovered, with its theatre, music and art. Extraordinary events both day and night leave no room for boredom. In addition, the ever-changing face of nature offers constant challenges for all types of outdoor sports of every kind in every season. Numerous clubs in the region will quickly help you establish a good connection with people in the area. Young people leaving in the Erzgebirge love to set up their tents on the weekends at one of the many music festivals that take place in the Erzgebirge, or they might get together in cafés, pubs and cultural centres.

You can feel right at home every day in a place where others spend their holiday. On the following pages, you can taste life in the Erzgebirge in all its diversity.

This is my Erzgebirge

In the Erzgebirge you live where others like to spend their holidays! Furthermore, many innovative companies are deeply ingrained here.Tradition, modernity and landscape create a particular kind of people that provide a wealth of ideas with high technical performance. Well, solid arguments, to settle down in the Erzgebirge.


Regional Management Erzgebirge

Regionalmanagement Erzgebirge
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