Erzgebirge Regional Management, Saxony
Regionalmanagement Erzgebirge
Adam-Ries-Straße 16, D-09456 Annaberg-Buchholz
date: 15.07.2018

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Erzgebirge? I’ve got to go there!

The Erzgebirge region as a magnet for young people

The Erzgebirge as a magnet for young people
It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a weekend getaway, your next party or hoping to spend the rest of your life in the Erzgebirge – you will find a treasure trove of options in each case!

Indeed, the Erzgebirge has more to offer than its ever-changing landscape and artistic woodcarving. Living in the Erzgebirge opens up countless opportunities, whether you are searching for a job or just planning a weekend.

Your Future in the Erzgebirge

Staying here!

Your future in the Erzgebirge
Business in the region is constantly growing and qualified specialised personnel are in demand. We need your skills, too! Are you looking for your dream job? Or are you hoping to go back to your hometown? Or are you thinking about settling in the Erzgebirge in the future? You will find important information here – as a take-off point.
More information about your future in the Erzgebirge


Regional Management Erzgebirge

Regionalmanagement Erzgebirge
c/o Wirtschaftsförderung Erzgebirge GmbH
Adam-Ries-Straße 16
D-09456 Annaberg-Buchholz

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