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The Erzgebirge District

The most populous district in Eastern Germany

Erzgebirge District
With 377,700 inhabitants, the Erzgebirge District is the most populous district in Eastern Germany. This is not the only reason it is such an attractive location for business. The people of the Erzgebirge are known for the peak quality of everything they produce, whether in small handcrafts operations or in high-tech companies. By using the natural resources found in the Erzgebirge, the metal fabrication, plastics, textile processing and woodworking industries have traditionally been especially strong. Processing factories dominate the broad mix of small and mid-sized businesses, with almost 50 percent in the metals area. Once forged in the region, metal is now the material that is processed and shaped every day in every imaginable form. By now, an enormous reservoir has been created of engineering knowledge, handcrafts talents and specialised skills related to specific branches. Not only do traditional businesses benefit from these skills, but also, and especially, new entrepreneurs and shrewd investors. Thus, with the help of highly trained technicians, special machinery is created for the auto industry, innovative high-tech textiles for the automobile, construction and processing industries as well as high-technology solutions for the environmental industry. Companies find strong partners in the approximately 6600 artisanal handworks operations, which are organised into 36 guilds that are part of the Kreishandwerkschaft. The large number of different companies guarantees an unusually high diversity of branches with specific client proximity. From the Erzgebirge, 26 million consumers are within four hours of Autobahn driving distance.

More than half of the land area in the region is farmed. Two percent of all persons who are employed work in the more than 1000 agricultural enterprises active in the Erzgebirge. Cattle raising and dairy cattle production are predominant. Many establishments sell their products on site as direct marketers.

This beautiful agricultural region with its many cultural and touristic attractions also ranks as the largest contiguous tourist area in Saxony and attracts large numbers of tourists every year to the Saxon low mountain area.

The people of the Erzgebirge have stood out for centuries for their industriousness, spirit of invention, down-to-earth intelligence and absolute trustworthiness. And these are the very qualities that have made the people of the Erzgebirge into what characterises them so well today: specialised competencies and economic potential. In order to preserve this in the future, we are deliberately trying to integrate down-to-earth young specialised talent in a timely fashion into the regional economy. Collaboration between schools, universities, The Breitenbrunn Vocational Academy and regional businesses offers great advantages – for young people with fresh ideas and for the experienced businessman. The results are a highly qualified labour force that attracts high-tech enterprises. A well-established educational system is the foundation for a well-trained labour force. There are 38 middle schools, 11 special education schools, 12 grammar schoo, a college and 18 vocational schools or vocational school centres under communal, district sponsorship or operated independently – thus, the educational landscape in the Erzgebirge district is diversified and lifelong.

Keeping the Erzgebirge attractive and competitive as a business location is the goal of the economic development partners in the Erzgebirge district.
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Impressions of the Erzgebirge District

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Erzgebirge District

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