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Sports in the Erzgebirge

Good incentives

Whether on foot, on two wheels or skis – something is always moving in the Erzgebirge. The changing landscape provides ideal conditions for all kinds of outdoor sports. For example, you can cycle up to the top of our mountains. Those wanting to reach the top can choose challenging climbing paths or leisurely rides. The roads zigzagging across mountains and valleys also offer a real challenge for motorised two-wheelers. You can also do well going on foot in the Erzgebirge on more than 5,000 kilometres of hiking paths. If you would like to try airborne travel, you can swing from spruce tree to spruce tree in the Greifensteine Adventure Climbing Area at up to 13 metres in height and feel like Tarzan or Jane. Downhill skiers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers and snowshoers can enjoy a winter fairy tale on the mountain peaks, which are certain to have snow all winter, and through the extensive forests in the region. The slopes offer all levels of difficulty, from blue trails to black, and there are many kilometres of cross-country ski trails. Incentives for movement are not limited to the outdoors in the Erzgebirge. You will quickly feel at home in various sports clubs. The selection of activities ranges from fencing to skittles, from karate to chess, so nobody needs to stay home alone. A local club with a great tradition is the FC Erzgebirge Aue, tenderly called “die Veilchen”. The Violet-Clad Team Members have been known for decades in the football world for their fighting spirit and their loyal fans.
  Hiking in the Erzgebirge
Hiking in the Erzgebirge
Sport im Erzgebirge
Sports in the Erzgebirge


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