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Old mining city with a future

Stadt Zwönitz - Postsäule
City of Zwönitz
Rather than associating the “Z” in Zwönitz with the last letter in the alphabet, we prefer to think of the first letter in the word "Zukunft," which means future. This claim isn’t just theoretical. It fully reflects the historical reality of the past 20 years.

Our 30-hectare industrial and commercial zone established in three stages is 80% occupied. At other sites as well, there are future-oriented enterprises working in the areas of metal finishing, cardboard manufacturing, microelectronics and medical engineering. As investors and entrepreneurs will testify, Zwönitz benefits from a broad-minded atmosphere among its population and an uncomplicated and goal-oriented approach to all problems on the part of the city administration. If it benefits the citizens, we make the impossible possible.

Zwönitz and its villages are outstanding places to live. Due to a rising demand for housing, both of the major providers of rental housing in the city – the municipal and the cooperative real estate associations – have been motivated to set about constructing new multi-story residential buildings. For single-owner housing construction as well, there open building sites are still available.

An important factor in the attractiveness of the city, along with the presence of sufficient kindergarten spaces, are the modern equipped three primary schools, middle school and grammar school, expanded with a sports centre, open-air swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, and a riding arena.

In the lovingly restored city centre, there are a large number of specialised stores with diverse offerings, and there is always something going on! Numerous events and festivals express the love of live so characteristic of the people of Zwönitz – we always find a reason to celebrate.

Zwönitz is an old mining city with a great future. You should come visit and see for yourself! It makes no difference if you visit our city as an investor, a new citizen or a tourist. You are always welcome!
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City Administration of Zwönitz

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08297 Zwönitz

Tel: +49 37754 350
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Did you know that...

  • ... from 11 June 2010 to 20 June 2010, Zwönitz will be celebrating the 850th anniversary of its founding?
  • ... the tradition of the night watchman is still actively maintained in Zwönitz?
  • ... Zwönitz is one the most horse-friendly communities in Germany?
  • ... in Zwönitz the indebtedness per resident amounts to only 166 Euro?