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Major District Town of Stollberg

At the foot of the Erzgebirge—in the heart of Europe

Stadt Stollberg -  Stadtzentrum
Stollberg - City Centre
Stollberg is located in central Saxony at the intersection of the federal roads B169 and B180, right on the Autobahn A72. As a result of this location, the city offers optimal logistical conditions for its businesses. It is at once at the foot of the Erzgebirge, within the Chemnitz-Zwickau automobile centre, in the Saxon industrial triangle of Chemnitz-Leipzig-Dresden, and in close proximity to the Czech Republic.

In the Stollberger Tor industrial zone, 42 companies occupy 95% of its total area of 52 hectares. There are additional newly created zones available right on the A72. Our companies share one thing in common: they are innovative and trendsetting. High technology development, surface finishing and the automobile industry are only a few of the strong elements in the valuable portfolio of our industrial zones.

The service sector is concentrated in our inner city solo enterprises and commercial areas. As a major centre, the city performs administrative and economic functions for an area of interest that includes about 90,000 people. The family-friendly small city of Stollberg, with about 12,000 inhabitants, seamlessly combines workplace and quality of life:
  • grade school, middle school and Gymnasium
  • five child care centres
  • a fully modern hospital as well as a balance between conventional medicine and alternative health care
  • attractive sites for building private homes
  • indoor and many outdoor playgrounds
  • flexible and community-friendly city administration
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Geographical Location of Stollberg

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Contact Information for Stollberg

City Administration of Stollberg

Hauptmarkt 1
09366 Stollberg

Tel: +49 37296 940
Fax: +49 37296 243 7

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Did you know that...

  • ... in the last few years, Stollberg has developed into one of the most important industrial sites on the A72?
  • ... Stollberg sponsors regular business round-tables so that entrepreneurs’ ideas can be more easily implemented?