Erzgebirge Regional Management, Saxony
Regionalmanagement Erzgebirge
Adam-Ries-Straße 16, D-09456 Annaberg-Buchholz
date: 23.07.2018

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Regional Management Erzgebirge

Regionalmanagement Erzgebirge
c/o Wirtschaftsförderung Erzgebirge GmbH
Adam-Ries-Straße 16
D-09456 Annaberg-Buchholz
Tel: +49 3733 145 140
Fax: +49 3733 145 147
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Welcome to the Erzgebirge

Land of Ideas, Business Location, Winter Sports Paradise

Livable Region Erzgebirge
The Erzgebirge is a region of superlatives: today, there are 380,000 inhabitants living here in an area of 1,828 square kilometres. This represents 209 inhabitants per square kilometre. For good reason, the Erzgebirge region can call itself the most populous low mountain area in Germany. In the Erzgebirge, we also score the highest density of industry in the Free State of Saxony thus, we record 72 persons employed in industry per 1000 inhabitants.

We also demonstrate a level of productive enterprises in the economic sector that is 27% greater than the average in Saxony. As we like to put it: If we can imagine it, we do it!.

As a business location, the Erzgebirge Regions stands for diversity of industries and for growth. The holiday land of the Erzgebirge enchants visitors with its many surprises, highlights and unique attractions. And as a place to live, the Erzgebirge leave no wish unfulfilled.

We invite you to take a virtual journey to the Erzgebirge and are so very pleased that you are coming to see us whether as an investor, a new resident of the Erzgebirge, or a holiday visitor.

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