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date: 15.07.2018

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Business in the Erzgebirge

Attractive location for the unique business

Wirtschaft im Erzgebirge
With more than 200 inhabitants per square kilometre, the Erzgebirge District is an important urban agglomeration that also has a clear connecting function between the East and the West. New Autobahns, approach roads and bypasses today offer an opportunity for significant growth in logistics. Thus, the Erzgebirge is becoming an increasing focus of business development.

Whether in the metals, plastics, wood, textiles, paper and cardboard packaging industries, the residents of the Erzgebirge produce top quality products, in small workshops and in high-tech companies with development laboratories. Whether it be tin cans, baking pans, the first mass-produced steel car body for passenger vehicles, the first CFC-free refrigerator or the electrically rechargeable zinc/air fuel cell – from concept to serial production, engineering, handicraft and service have always worked hand in hand. Through expertise and good cooperation options, innovative products created for more than five centuries in the Erzgebirge have been exported throughout the world. An enormous reservoir of engineering knowledge, handcraft skills and industry-based specialised expertise has been created. The large number of small to mid-sized companies guarantees an extraordinarily broad array of different industries, all of them within close customer proximity, since it takes only four hours by car from the Erzgebirge to reach almost 26 million consumers. The location of the Erzgebirge region provides a particular advantage for the supply industry.

Because of the natural lumber and water power resources available in the Erzgebirge , the metal processing, plastics, textile processing and wood industries have been traditionally well-represented. The processing industries have been dominant, with almost 50 percent representing the metals segment. And with up to 77 industry job holders per 1,000 inhabitants, the Erzgebirge has the highest density of industrial enterprises in Saxony. This distinctive structure allows for many synergies, which is why the Erzgebirge has been increasingly profiled as a top region for niche products and top-quality custom-made items.

Are you looking for specialized personnel for your company? Or a certain regional company? A cooperation partner? Or information about industrial zones and industrial real estate? On the following pages, you will find this information along with offerings for business development services and information about networks.


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