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Core Competencies – The Key to Success

Key Industries in the Erzgebirge Business Region

Wirtschaft im Erzgebirge - Schlüsselbranchen
For centuries, the Erzgebirge has been a birthplace of innovation. Many a world-famous invention has its roots here. Time and again, the residents of the Erzgebirge have found ways to implement their creative skills in a profitable manner – as a result, the region ranks as number 1 in the technology industry: The Erzgebirge region is considered the cradle of the German automobile industry, and the VW Beetle got its start here.

Metal and tool construction also form an important core competency in the Erzgebirge: Previously subsidised, today metal is a material that is processed and worked on here every day. It makes sense that metal working accounts for nearly 50 percent of the diverse industries in the processing segment.

The mining industry is responsible for the development of many key related industries that have emerged over the centuries. Experts were needed early on, and today, the Erzgebirge District is known for its industry-specific specialised knowledge. This is especially true for the following areas:

  • Metal processing and machine construction
  • Automobile construction
  • Semi-conductor and environmental technology
  • Processing and working of plastics
  • Wood processing and paper production

There can be no doubt about it: new entrepreneurs and shrewd investors can gain huge advantages today from engineering knowledge and hand-working skills. Based upon these resources, special machinery has been created for the automobile industry, innovative high technology textiles for the automobile, construction and processing industries as well as high tech products for the environmental industry.

You will be able to find companies and cooperation partners as well as existing networks for the implementation of your ideas on the following pages.


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