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Regionalmanagement Erzgebirge
Adam-Ries-Straße 16, D-09456 Annaberg-Buchholz
date: 23.07.2018

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To a Good Partnership

Cooperation Agreements, Joint Initiatives and Networks in the Erzgebirge Business Region

Business in the Ore Mountains
The close proximity to universities and other institutions of higher education as well as the connection to technological and innovation centres make the Erzgebirge especially attractive, both for young people with fresh ideas and for experienced entrepreneurs.

This constellation forms the basis for ongoing cooperation networks. The companies in the Erzgebirge profit from their expertise, their continuing research and development programs, and the opportunities to cooperate.

These factors guarantee future-oriented development.


Erzgebirge Business Development Agency

Wirtschaftsförderung Erzgebirge GmbH
Adam-Ries-Straße 16
D-09456 Annaberg-Buchholz

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