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date: 15.07.2018

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Your Company’s Location in the Erzgebirge

Commercial Areas and Commercial Real Estate in the Erzgebirge Business Region

Your Company’s Location in the Ore Mountains
Are you searching for a site for new construction or for turn-key real estate? Are you in need of office space or perhaps a production centre? And would you like to settle in a region with the greatest possibilities for development in Europe?

Anyone who decides to invest in the Erzgebirge and to settle here will have a bevy of suitable locations from which to choose. There are well-developed industrial zones with direct access to the Autobahn, but the extensive road network also extends deep into the mountains. A look at any of these business sites with their special bonus of natural beauty is always well worth it!

Regardless whether you need space in a developed industrial zone or real estate near a centre – you will certainly be able to find the ideal location for your company listed in our updated “Erzgebirge Commercial Real Estate Exchange” database.

Research database for commercial property in the Ore Mountains


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