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date: 23.07.2018

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You Are a New Entrepreneur or a Corporate Successor?

Founding your own business is a step towards independence, full of opportunity and potential rewards, but also entailing risks and challenges. You must put a great deal of thought into preparing for this step. Do you have an idea for a business and are thinking about forming your own company?

The seminar, "How to start your own business" will help support you in the preparatory phases of starting your own business in the Erzgebirge. You will receive technical information about founding your own business and have the opportunity to discuss your questions with experts who have practical experience.

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You Are an Entrepreneur or an Investor?

It makes sense to invest in the Erzgebirge region. Shrewd investors take advantage of the engineering expertise and the technical talent of the people who live in the Erzgebirge. Thus, specialised machinery for the automotive industry, innovative textiles for the auto, construction and processing industries, and high technology for the environment are all developed at industrial locations in the Erzgebirge. Find out more about the region with the largest options for grants and subsidisation in all of Europe.
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