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date: 15.07.2018

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Ongoing Projects

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Laufende Projekte im Erzgebirge

“Erzgebirge 2020”

Measures programme for regional and location marketing from 2009 to 2012

“The Erzgebirge isn’t on the radar for a lot of people. And nobody is waiting for the Erzgebirge either.” This is the problem that confronts the regional players from business and society. Through active regional and location marketing, the Erzgebirge is to be promoted as an attractive business location in Germany.

Erzgebirge City Network Conception

Optimisation of regional business site qualities 2009/2010

The network of cities in the Erzgebirge is designed to develop the quality of regional business sites through increased intra-regional cooperation. Guidelines for action and developmental focal points for the project region will be determined according to the concept. The resulting measures will support the cities’ strategies to create a developmental impetus for the entire region. In this way, the project will refine the profile of regional and site marketing.

Tag der Sachsen 2010 (Saxony Day)

The largest Saxon folk festival in Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge

In 2010, the city of Oelsnitz in the Erzgebirge will play host to the largest Saxon folk and hometown festival in the Free State of Saxony – “Saxony’s 19th Day”. Erzgebirge Regional Management will be involved in this festival because it is an important festival for the Erzgebirge as well as an opportunity to conduct regional and site marketing.
More information about Saxony Day

“300 Years of Porcelain”

The inventive contribution of the Erzgebirge

In Saxony, the year 2010 will be designated as “300 Years of Porcelain”. The state-owned porcelain manufacturer Meissen will celebrate its 300th birthday with numerous events. The bases for the success of the first hard porcelain manufactured in Europe were the rich raw materials found in the Erzgebirge. The cities of Aue, Freiberg, Schneeberg and Regional Management Erzgebirge will use the occasion to highlight the contributions of leading entrepreneurs from the Erzgebirge, and to emphasize related processes developed in the Erzgebirge region.
More information about the “300 Years of Porcelain”

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Completed Projects of Regional Management Erzgebirge

  • Communication concept for the Erzgebirge region, 2009
  • Marketing concept for the Erzgebirge region, 2009
  • Strategy concept and plan of action for an interconnection in the Erzgebirge, 2009
  • Directional design for a tourist bike path in the Erzgebirge region, 2009
  • Montane region Erzgebirge, 2007
  • Fallow management, 2007
  • Regional development concept Erzgebirge - Qualification, 2004
  • Regional development concept Erzgebirge, 2002